Angela Rose


Since a minor has always been very passionate about music but in 2012 the Love for music especially HOUSE grew stronger and connected deeply with her soul.

Therefore, the vision and dream of becoming a DJ started as an unexpected thought once on a night out, which grew overwhelmingly over the years. The thought of how to mix and what tunes she would mix together wouldn’t disconnect from her mind.

As a result, in 2015 she brought a pair of CDJs, borrowed her uncle’s mixer, fathers speakers and amplifier got taught the basics by an amazing musical Soul ‘The Funkaholic’, practiced alone thereafter and uploaded her first mix “Frequency” on SoundCloud in August 2016. Since the first upload her musical journey has kicked off on a high note. Angela Rose went from not knowing what beat matching is, to recording her own mixes and being asked to play out at clubs such as Proud in Camden, Ace Hotel, The Book Club and Trafik in Shoreditch which has been a dream.

Music is the light of her energy and the sound of her soul and she strives of the vision of making the crowd feel what she feels. “I can only give you what connects with me.” ~ Angela Rose