Sef Kombo (http://www.sefkombo.com) is the man behind Til Two, being a Deep, Soulful & Afro House DJ he understands exactly what he wants from his parties. He has a clear passion for the music and he will strive to make sure that very same passion is delivered through the Til Two nights

Created in 2009, is the home for midweek House music… It’s main objective.. Bringing sets of people from all different backgrounds under one roof and enjoy the peace the love and the unity of one thing House Music!

It’s first home, Ruby Lo in the heart of the West End was a great location for this event, a basement venue; dark and very sexy.

Now back at new and improved luxurious surroundings of Sway Bar’s Club Room in Holborn, this unforgettable night with so many good memories is back for a 3 night run in 2017 maintaining it’s legacy as one of the best parties around with more vibes and memories to be made.

This is Til Two